Books for Self-Sufficiency

On our road to self-sufficiency my husband, Robby and I decided that a well-stocked library was in order to support such a lifestyle. I mean after all, our goal was to be less dependent on the internet and the grid as a whole. We are both people that love going to flea markets and hunting for our next bargain. Over the years we have amassed quite a collection of books not only for educational purposes, but also entertainment needs as well.

I will share our recommended books by topic so maybe you can find titles that you don’t own or to be able to start a collection of your own.

Lost Skills and Homesteading Books

I have the original version of this book I was lucky enough to pick up for $3.

This is the exact version I have. I recommend for any new to DIY or single women.

Rural King had this book, marked it down to $8.99 because the cover was wrinkled.

Gardening Books

Mel’s Square Foot Garden books are amazing. This is the method I used for my garden

This is one of my favorites, the binding is destroyed and it is so full of notes.

This is another flea market find of mine.

I have the 1992 version of this big book.

Canning and Preserving Food Books

Remembering The Past Books

Fox Fire Books 1 – 12

These were hard to find I must say. was my best friend for this task. I cannot tell you how many books that are hard to find and I have managed to find them at good prices from

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