30 Ways to Become Self-Sufficient

If the constant destruction of food manufacturing facilities, packing facilities, chicken houses and other livestock establishments wasn’t enough to convince you to start preparing for the SHTF, then how about the 32.2% increase on eggs alone in the last few month?

What Can I Do To Become More Self-Sufficient?

Glad you asked.

  1. Grow a garden.
  2. Can and dehydrate produce from your garden.
  3. Sell extra produce at your local Farmers Market.
  4. Raise chickens for eggs and meat birds.
  5. Get goats for milk and to control vegetation.
  6. Get some rabbits – they are the cheapest livestock animal to feed, they breed quickly and their manure is cold so it can go directly onto your garden.
  7. Make your own compost.
  8. Get a composting toilet – or make your own.
  9. Install a solar kit.
  10. Grow dwarf fruit trees – they can go on a patio, porch or in a greenhouse and they produce fruit quicker.
  11. Get a water purifier – either an Alexapure Pro or a Big Berkey.
  12. Save seeds. Buy Heirloom seeds.
  13. Eat with what food is in season.
  14. Always have rice and beans stocked for lean times – you can grow bush beans quite easily.
  15. Cold-pack cucs and jalapenos together – the cucs stay crunchy and the jalapenos lose some of their heat.
  16. Barter. Dicker. Trade.
  17. Become a keeper of bees. If they die out, YOU die too! That simple.
  18. Learn to hunt or embrace it more than you already do
  19. Fish. It is a quick and easy way of increasing meat for your stores. You can dehydrate, can, smoke and salt fish.
  20. Forage. Do you know how much God put out there for us to eat and all we have to do is learn to identify it. But remember, almost all edible wild plants have counterparts that look like it and they can be harmful if consumed.
  21. Collect rain water – you can filter it for drinking, use it for your garden, taking baths, washing dishes, etc.
  22. Make your own laundry detergent – it is super easy. I always do a 5 galloon bucket at a time and it takes forever for our family of 3 to empty it.
  23. Use wool dryer balls – no more poison dryer sheets.
  24. Make your own fabric softener – if you don’t know most softeners are made out of animal fat (YUM) but you make fabric softener out of vinegar and your clothes are just as soft and do not smell like pickles.
  25. Ask yourself if you need all the bullshit you have lying around your house? Sell it. Trade it. You do not know how freeing it is to not have stuff everywhere.
  26. Make yourself less dependent upon the “grid”. At anytime everything we take for granted can all be gone. Remember that!
  27. If you can make it yourself, do that.
  28. If you have cool neighbors or even family that live close to you and can go in with you for a yearly pig and cow. Do that. You will have even more meat and the cost of feeding and loving it will be divided.
  29. If you haven’t already, learn to butcher things. This is going to be needed.
  30. Learn to sew, crochet, knit – you can mend your own clothes and make small needed items like hats for winter.

Recommended Products for Self-Sufficiency

Pictures from our garden

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