Business Update!

Inflation sucks. Simple and true.

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We didn’t want to pass higher costs of shipping and products on to our customers, so we felt it best to step back for a while. It doesn’t help when you have pissed off the search engine and social media gods by selling products that have been deemed “dangerous, unethical, irresponsible” while our company is regarded as “rightwing extremists” because we believe in the Founding Fathers, The Constitution and our God-given rights to own whatever amount of guns, ammo, knives or anything else we want and the freedom of speech to say such things.

We still have all of our products. We still have the drive. We will still be here if you need anything. Just call/text 812.250.9660 or you can always email us.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who supported us through the years, even while Google and Facebook have been trying to cancel and hide us.

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