5 Blade Shapes & Their Uses

We are going to cover 5 common blade shapes and their uses in this article. Although, there are many more shapes than 5 for the sake of short attention spans we will cover 5 and their uses in rapid-fire succession.

Blade Shape #1 – The Pen Blade

Image belong to Buck Knives.

Originally created for sharpening quills, the Pen Blade is good for small, fine-detailed tasks such as sharpening a pencil, opening a letter or even cleaning your fingernails.

Blade Shape #2 – The Clip-Point Blade

Image belongs to Buck Knives.

The Clip-Point Blade is a great choice for hunting, fishing and outdoors usage. The clipped point aids in control for meat processing, and skinning.

Blade Shape #3 – The Sheepsfoot Blade

Image belongs to Buck Knives.

With little of a point, the Sheepsfoot Blade is ideal for carving, slicing and even for emergency responders.

Blade Shape #4 – The Spey Blade

Image belongs to Buck Knives.

The Spey Blade was originally created for use by cowboys and ranchers to castrate livestock. These blades are also ideal for skinning.

Blade Shape #5 – The Coping Blade

Image belongs to Buck Knives

Much like a coping saw without teeth, a Coping Blade, is used for tight spaces and curved cuts. This blade is great for carpenters and electricians.

Every knife, every blade has a specific use, learning what those uses are can help in choosing the best knife for the job. Using a knife based on it is design it is the best way to prevent accidents.

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