Legal or Not: Weapon Laws for Each State

Automatic Knife Laws

States with Automatic Knife Restrictions

California – Max blade length is 2 inchesMinnesota (CANNOT SHIP TO)
Colorado – Concealed carry maximum length 3-1/2″New Mexico (CANNOT SHIP TO)
Connecticut – Maximum 1-1/2″ blade length limitationNew York – Has a hunting/fishing exemption, but risky
Delaware (CANNOT SHIP TO)North Carolina – Concealed carry not recommended
District of Columbia (CANNOT SHIP TO)North Dakota – Maximum 5″ blade length limitation
Hawaii (CANNOT SHIP TO)Pennsylvania (CANNOT SHIP TO)
Illinois – Must have valid Firearms Owner’s ID Card FOIDSan Francisco, CA (CANNOT SHIP TO)
Kentucky – Must be 21 years of ageVermont – Maximum 3″ blade length limitation
Maryland – Illegal to conceal carryWashington – Manufacture allowed, carry limited to law enforcement and emergency personnel
Massachusetts – Maximum 1-1/2″ blade length limitationWest Virginia – Must be 21 years of age
Michigan – Out-the-Front, double-edged autos still prohibited

Baton Laws

States with Baton Restrictions

Arkansas – ILLEGAL w/ intention to use against humansMinnesota – Illegal to possess any “dangerous article or substance for the purpose of being used as a weapon against another”
California (CANNOT SHIP TO)Missouri – Illegal to conceal “any other weapon readily capable of lethal use”
District of Columbia – Illegal to conceal “any deadly weapon”Nebraska – Illegal to conceal “any other deadly weapon,” but the burden lies with the state. Law has self-defense provision.
Idaho – Illegal to conceal any “deadly weapon,” doesn’t apply outside a city if 18+ years old or on private property with permission.Nevada – Can obtain written permission from the county sheriff
Illinois – Illegal to carry a billy “with intent to use the same unlawfully against another” or in a government buildingNew Mexico – Illegal to carry “any other type of deadly weapon”
Iowa – Illegal to conceal any “dangerous weapon,” which is very broadly applicablePennsylvania – Illegal to possess “other implement for the infliction of serious bodily injury which serves no common lawful purpose.” Case law indicates self-defense is not a “common lawful purpose.”
Kansas – Illegal to conceal a billy clubSouth Carolina – Illegal to conceal “a deadly weapon usually used for the infliction of personal injury”
Louisiana – Illegal to conceal any “instrumentality customarily used or intended for probable use as a dangerous weapon”Virginia – Spring-loaded baton is illegal, but could possibly be extended to any “weapon of like kind”
Maryland – Could be a “dangerous or deadly weapon,” isn’t named explicitly. Law has self-defense provision.Washington – Illegal to conceal “other dangerous weapon”
Michigan – Illegal to carry with intent to use unlawfully against another “any other dangerous or deadly weapon or instrument”Wyoming – Illegal to conceal a “deadly weapon”

Knuckle Laws

Pepper Spray Laws

States with Pepper Spray Restrictions

Arkansas – Container must be smaller than 5 ouncesMichigan – Cannot contain more than 18% oleoresin capsicum or OC AND more than 1.4% MC AND be more than 1.2 ounces
California – Container must not exceed 2.49 ouncesNevada – Cannot carry a container greater than 2 ounces if it contains CS tear gas.
Florida – Container must be 2 ounces or smallerNew Jersey – Only containers that contain .75 (3/4) ounces or less
Hawaii (CANNOT SHIP TO HI) – Must have a license to carry & container cannot exceed 1/2 (one-half) ouncesNew York (CANNOT SHIP TO NY) – Cannot ship pepper spray into the state designed to be used against humans
Massachusetts (CANNOT SHIP TO MA) – Cannot possess for use in self-defense against humansWisconsin – Container must be 2 ounces or less and cannot contain more than 10% oleoresin capsicum or OC.

Taser/Stun Gun Laws

Tasers = weapon that fires barbs & shocksStun Gun = Uses shock but doesn’t deploy barbs

States That Prohibit Sales & Shipping

California – Restrictions on Stun Knuckles & BatonsHawaii – No sales & shippingRhode Island – No sales & shipping

Throwing Knives and Stars Laws

Throwing Knives – Illegal InThrowing Stars – Illegal In
California (ballistic knives is the wording)Delaware
Indiana (ballistic knives)Illinois
Kansas (ballistic is the term used)Indiana
Maryland (Legal to OWN, NOT CC)
New York
Virginia (Legal to OWN, NOT CC)

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