Indiana DNR Hunting & Fishing Fee Hike for 2022

In 2022 those who hunt and fish in the state of Indiana will pay higher fees for hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has had the same fee schedule since 2006. Some other DNR commercial licenses will increase as well for the first time since the 1980s.

For Indiana residents in 2022, the price of the combination hunting and fishing license will be increased from $25 to $32. The annual fishing license will increase by $6 from $17 to $23. Hunting and trapping licenses will increase $3 from $17 to $20. A deer bundle license sees the biggest increase from $65 to $91.

Those out-of-state that wish to obtain Indiana licenses will see the largest hike of all. An annual fishing license jumps from $35 to $60. Out-of-state annual hunting license only increased by $10 from $80 to $90. And you might want to sit down for this next one… the deer bundle for out-of-state skyrocketed from $295 to $550. OUCH!

For more license fees download our FREE PDF below.

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